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Celebrating our Commitment


Communities at the Heart of UHC, in our unwavering dedication to put communities at the center of our journey towards achieving UHC, sunsetted at the end of 2023. Efforts to prioritize community health in UHC policy continues in these strong organizations, coalitions and campaigns, including the Community Health Impact Coalition, Allies Improving PHC and UHC2030 CSEM. We hope our members and followers will check out these other organizations and consider joining to keep your voice for CHWs and UHC heard. 

We believe that communities are at the heart of Universal Health Coverage and support efforts to strengthen the primary health care system beyond the facility level to increase access to quality health care and services for the hardest-to-reach communities. 


When the global community renewed its commitment to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC), we made a promise to secure health access for all and to prioritize hard-to-reach populations. Community health programs are critical to achieving this goal. To deliver optimal outcomes, community health programming must be integrated into national health systems, be financially sustainable and rooted in quality. Our vision is recognition and commitment to community health programs across the UHC agenda. 

Communities at the Heart of UHC is a multiyear global campaign working to leverage political commitments for UHC by promoting community health and its champions from the global to sub-national level, and to track in-country financial commitments to UHC and community health.

Amref Health Africa, Financing Alliance for Health, Health and Rights Education Programme, Lwala Community Alliance, Living Goods, Muso Health, TIP Global Health, Pathfinder International, and the People’s Health Movement of Tanzania work together as the campaign steering committee to elevate the visibility of community health within the UHC space. These groups are part of the larger movement of key organizations, including UHC2030, donors and country leaders, working to increase the dialogue on community health programs globally and advocate for funding through domestic resources and foreign assistance.

The campaign was founded in 2018 by Amref Health Africa, Aspen Management Partnership for Health, Financing Alliance for Health, the International Rescue Committee, Last Mile Health and Living Goods.

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