Who can join the Communities at the Heart of UHC Campaign?

Passionate individuals and organizations who believe in health for all. This means students, youth representatives, implementers, civil society organizations, community-based organizations, donors, nongovernmental organizations, academics, advocates, public and private sector representatives, and YOU!

What does it mean to join the campaign?

By joining the campaign, you automatically become a member. You can choose between two levels of engagement.  

Endorser: Confirms belief in campaign objectives and messages, agrees to have name appear on the website and promotes the campaign where possible

Active Member: In addition to endorsing the campaign, commits to joining one or both workstreams with set deliverables

Campaign workstream overview

Once you are a member, we encourage you to engage more deeply by joining one of our two workstreams: Country Engagement and Global Policy Influencing. Workstreams are led by steering committee members, require a few hours a month to participate and have clear deliverables outlined by the campaign.

The Country Engagement workstream identifies core teams and a coalition of country actors to support ministries of health and heads of state to report progress toward UHC in their respective countries. The goal is to track country-level progress and achievements in community health across three core domains (financing, strategy and UHC reports) and promote country advocacy via a coalition of key partner organizations and institutions.

The Global Policy Influencing workstream creates leverage at the global level to include community health as a priority in UHC-focused and other relevant global health strategies and policies. At the global level, we coordinate the implementation of the campaign activities through engagement in global events and conferences as well as by actively participating in relevant global-level online consultations and discussions related to our campaign objectives.

Some of Our Members
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