Community Health Worker Safety is Community Safety

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, community health workers (CHWs) have played a vital role in maintaining essential health services while responding to the health emergency.  It is often the case that frontline health workers, including CHWs, risk their own lives to serve their communities. As vaccines arrive in many African countries, it is critical to ensure CHWs both receive the vaccine and are included in vaccine roll-out strategy. Read more here

Member Spotlight: Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) 

The Community Working Group on Health (CWGH) was born in early 1998, to lead and give visibility to community processes in health in Zimbabwe. Over the years, the CWGH has positioned itself as a voice in the health sector and built community power, organizing involvement of communities in health actions within their communities and around Primary Health Care, whether within the community on health governance, health literacy, health budget,  health rights or mobilizing resources to support health centres. Read more here.

Member Spotlight: Fighting COVID-19 and Empowering Communities in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains
Act Local, Impact Global - Community Health Matters

The Rwenzori Center for Research and Advocacy (RCRA) has been working in the Kasese District of Uganda to prevent the spread of and response to the COVID-19 as part of its work to empower communities for improved livelihoods, health care and education through awareness, research, technology and innovation. Read the full story of our Campaign Member in the Spotlight here.

People often think of global health problems from a narrow perspective, imagining diseases affecting people and communities outside of the United States, usually in low-income countries. However, our current situation gives us another perspective, one where we are all experiencing the same challenges. After emerging in China in late 2019, the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has quickly revealed how connected we really are. Read the full blog here.

COVID-19 Highlights the Need for Community Health

Over recent years, the world has faced two Ebola outbreaks, the constant threat of pandemic influenza, and now the global spread of novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic. In developing countries, these threats risk exacerbating existing high burdens of communicable diseases associated with millions of preventable deaths. Community health is essential for pandemic preparedness (prevention, surveillance, response) and remains essential for achieving the World Health Organization's Sustainable Development Goals. Read the full blog here.

Upskilling Critical for Sustainable Health Workforce

While many African countries have successfully expanded the numbers of their community health workers (CHWs), and the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed guidelines for educating health professionals, there is almost a neglect of
CHW incentives and career pathways. Unless we change this and develop transformational guidelines for their education, we will not have the proper skills mix and a fit-for-purpose health workforce. Read the full blog here.

Commitment to Community Health Workers is Essential for Achieving Universal Health Coverage

Placing community health at the center of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) movement is a global commitment to equity in ensuring that women, men and children living in rural and hard-to-reach areas have access to quality, primary health care (PHC) services first, disrupting the status quo of the last few decades. Read the full blog here.