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The Communities at the Heart of UHC campaign works to generate high-level political will and commitment for including and prioritizing quality community health programs that are financially sustainable and integrated in national health systems as part of national and global UHC strategies.. This campaign was launched by Amref Health Africa, Aspen Management Partnership for Health, Financing Alliance for Health, the International Rescue Committee, Last Mile Health, Living Goods and representatives from the organizations serving on the campaign steering committee. See the section “Learn More” for details. 

How can an organization get involved in the campaign?

The campaign is eager to engage a diverse set of organizations to advance this movement together. There are varying levels of commitment for involvement; please reach out as instructed here for more information on different levels. Join us  to receive information and updates about the campaign and to become a member. Please see our “Learn More” page for information about membership and engagement. Organizations can select which workstream they would like to be involved in based on organizational capacity and interest.

How does this campaign align with the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for community health workers?

The WHO recently released guidelines on health policy and system support to optimize community health worker programs. The guidelines can be found here. The guidelines aim to provide an analysis of the evidence of community health programs as well as policy recommendations to optimize the design and performance of community health worker programs. Therefore, our campaign advocates for countries to use these guidelines as a key resource when designing their own community health policies and programs to ensure maximum efficacy.

How does this campaign differentiate itself from other campaigns and coalitions focused on community health and frontline health workers?

This advocacy campaign aims to generate political will and place a focus on community health within the larger UHC agenda. We designed this campaign in an effort to be additive rather than duplicative. Many of our partners in the space are working on securing funding for community health and generating valuable, technical resources for implementing community health. We identified political will as the missing piece of the puzzle to advance the community health movement holistically, and this is our aim. We work in partnership with other groups, including the Frontline Health Workers Coalition, Community Health Impact Coalition, Primary Health Care Global Strategy Group, and CORE Group DC to champion increased access to quality health care beyond the facility level.

Do I have to be part of a larger organization to support the campaign or can individuals be supporters?

No, the campaign encourages your support regardless of whether you are affiliated with an organization or not. If you feel strongly about our mission and feel as though you can add value by becoming involved in the campaign, we welcome you!

What is the time commitment to be involved with the campaign?

The time commitment completely depends on how much you would like to get involved with the campaign. If you are part of a workstream, this will require a few hours a month to participate. However, there will be other opportunities to attend events, forums and webinars.

Is this campaign officially affiliated with UHC2030?

The Communities at the Heart of UHC campaign is not officially affiliated with UHC2030. However, since UHC2030 is a global movement to build stronger health systems to achieve Universal Health Coverage, our campaign directly aligns with its mission to increase the dialogue on community health programs globally and advocate for funding through domestic resources and foreign assistance. Therefore, the campaign works in conjunction with UHC2030 and to spread its message in every way possible. Additionally, many campaign stakeholders are also UHC2030 Civil Society Engagement stakeholders, and Amref Health Africa’s Group Chief Executive Officer Dr. Githinji Gitahi is co-chair of the UHC2030 Steering Committee.

Is there a minimum financial amount to pledge in order to join the campaign?

There is no minimum financial pledge in order to join the campaign. Your time, network and expertise are just as valuable to us as a monetary donation. With that being said, the campaign is purely run by donations by individuals and organizations. Therefore, we greatly appreciate any monetary contribution that can help us to achieve our goals.

What is the deadline to officially join the campaign?

There is no official deadline to join the campaign. However, with the UN High Level Meeting on UHC happening in September 2019, your contribution will be most valuable the earlier you join. We are currently looking to fill the workstream teams and organize our events beginning.

How can I directly contact the campaign organizers?

You can contact the campaign directly at info@uhc4communities.com or membership@uhc4communities.com