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Community health is global.


Now more than ever the health of our communities is connected. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we see how diseases in communities in China, Italy, the United States and elsewhere affect the health of communities in Kenya, Liberia and around the globe. We are all fighting the same virus, despite where we are located geographically. Community health programs are the first line of defense for many to prevent, detect and respond to this outbreak. Investments in strong community health systems are needed not only to bolster the response to COVID-19, but to achieve Universal Health Coverage and stop future pandemics. 


From doctors to community health workers, the entirety of the health workforce is needed to fight this pandemic. Communities at the Heart of UHC is celebrating health workers around the world and their efforts fighting COVID-19 in their communities. We know that weak health systems are not just the problem of low- and middle-income countries. Community health is a global problem and  strengthening community health systems is a global responsibility. Read more about how we are supporting the fight against COVID-19 on our blog and news pages.

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